How to transform your employee onboarding

Shouldn’t your new employee’s first contact with your business be exciting and engaging? Henry Weston shows just how to make sure it really exceeds their expectations.

Meet Leah. She’s just about to start work with Parcelwave, a forward thinking delivery company. She’s also about to receive her interactive onboarding pack from the company. This personalised ‘pack’, which she can view on her mobile phone, contains all she needs in the run-up to her first day in her new job.

There’s a personal message of welcome from her line manager, and some basic training which involves a quiz about key aspects of working for Parcelwave. She can even order her new uniform. Not only that, but her line manager can monitor her progress and see just which sections of the onboarding pack Leah has clicked on.

She doesn’t need to download any apps – it’s all there for her in a few simple clicks. Efficient, swift, professional: and you don’t even have to have any IT skills to create your own interactive onboarding experience just like Leah’s.

Of course Leah and Parcelwave don’t really exist. They’re just something we’ve created to illustrate a point. That point is that onboarding – that vital first step for both the business and its new employee – should be an exciting and engaging experience.

Not only that, but while Leah and Parcelwave are fictitious, the technology needed to create efficient, time saving and exciting onboarding really does exist and you can access it right now.

All too often this first stage of the employee experience can seem to be held back by processes which, while they may be necessary, can often feel slow and unnecessarily bureaucratic if approached in a conventional way. But using PageTiger, the new hire’s digital interactive pre-start pack is simple to access, personalised with relevant content, easy to follow and saves them time.

This is one of the employee’s first experiences of your business. They are all ready to go, keen to get started in their new role. Shouldn’t their introduction to that role mirror the excitement they feel? Equally, shouldn’t the experience for the HR team also be one which is easy to manage, safe, efficient and simple to use?

The good news, as we’ve already suggested, is that the technology is available right now to answer those questions. They can provide employees with an onboarding experience which not only equips them with everything they need for their first day in the job, but enables the HR team to complete the processes they need to ensure the employee is ready to hit the ground running, motivated and enthused by their first digital contact with the company.

Now shouldn’t that be how onboarding works every time? 


Henry Weston is CEO and founder of  Page Tiger

Page Tiger software is used by many of the world’s leading brands to create interactive documents that better engage and communicate with their employees.

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