How can HR use AI ethically when hiring?

AI is quickly changing every aspect of how we live our lives, and of course that includes the workforce.

The tech has largely been developed to solve challenges, and one of the most popular ways to implement AI in a HR setting is to aid with recruitment. AI-enabled machines can ensure we find the right person for the job, from pre-screening of candidates to the gamification of application processes to assess candidates before they are asked to interview. The tech indeed seems limitless, but great progress can also pose great risk.

As AI begins to take a bigger decision-making role in organisations, HR must be aware of the ethical implications of the tech.

Because AI gains insights from existing structures and dynamics within societies, it has the potential to reproduce and reinforce biases and discrimination. It can also pose a threat to privacy, denies individual autonomy and produce unreliable or poor-quality outcomes.

This HR Lunchtime Debate, in partnership with Harver, looks to explore how HR can use AI ethically.

This webinar will discuss:

• The ethical considerations of using AI in recruitment
• What AI tech is available to HR and its potential for the workplace
• Ensuring a people-first strategy in a tech-led world

Click here to sign up to the HR Lunchtime Debate on Wednesday 7 June at 12:30 BST.