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Career change: an editor's perspective

HR must tear down barriers for new HR professionals, said King

Career change can be challenging, whether taking on additional responsibilities within a sector you know well, or starting entirely afresh in a new field.

For ambitious individuals wanting to progress in the people profession though, there can be stumbling blocks to stepping up in, or into, HR.

As our cover story highlights, one of those barriers is a bias towards people with existing qualifications, certifications and experience, which can blind leaders into adopting an approach that homogenises workforces and excludes truly exceptional talent.

In today’s business climate, where there is an increasing need for (and reliance on) HR – underscoring the necessity of attracting new talent – HR must do better at tearing down the barriers to entry.

I also encourage HR leaders to continue influencing others to do their bit to help support people finding their feet in the sector, or people wanting to progress.

Of course (I hear you, cynics), there is a selfish angle to all this – "Hi! I’m Charissa, and I’m a relative newbie to HR!" – but the message is also reflective of a key motivator for many within the sector: delivering support for people, and in the process delivering valuable strategic and organisational excellence.

If you’re reading this and thinking: ‘We’re doing that anyway! And where’s the HR for HR?!’ You raise valid points. And you sound a bit frazzled. Does that feeling make you want to improve the situation for the next generation of HR leaders? I hope so.

But whatever your generation, and however you’re feeling about the modern world of work, team HR magazine is here to tell your stories, and to amplify HR’s voice. Feel free to get in touch with us directly, using the contact details here.


This article was published in the March/April 2024 edition of HR magazine.

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