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HR needs a summer holiday

School’s out and every B&B on the coast is booked up until mid-September. Summer is here and with it the changing of the lockdown guard: this time a lack of social distancing guidelines and removing the mandatory mask requirements.

Though opinion on Freedom Day has inevitably been varied, HR has been put once again in a set of extremely challenging circumstances. With little government guidance, organisations are having to rely on their HR professionals to make informed decisions on whether their employees should be encouraged back into the workplace for those who had been working remotely.

This represents an incredibly high amount of pressure during an already pressing time.

So where is the breakout point for HR? Every stressful situation HR has dealt with over the last 18 months has chipped away at the individual, whether they realise it or not, and just because we are seeing the country head back to normal, doesn’t mean this pressure eases. 

COVID-19 has shook the very principals of our working and home life, and it’s important that HR recognises where its boundaries are and where treasure lies.

So I implore all of you, when and if you can, to take some time off this summer to rest and recharge.

Treat yourself to an extra scoop of ice scream, head to the beach, buy those designer sunglasses you’re scared you might lose.

Let’s use the longer days for us to fill ourselves up, rather than drown in screen time and out of hours calls.  

You cannot pour from an empty cup- so get filling. 

Jo Gallacher is editor of HR magazine.