Performance benefits and surprising insights from a strengths-based focus

Strengths-based development is becoming an important resource in HR's toolbox as organisations seek enhanced performance from their complex hybrid work arrangements and hard-pressed management teams.

Why you’ll hear ‘mutuality’ a lot this year

Everyone loves a game of boardroom bingo and we all know a middle manager who spouts corporate cliches to cover up the fact that they have no ideas of their own.

Knowing when to step down as a leader

Jacinda Arden has announced she is stepping down as prime minister of New Zealand, leaving us with powerful words on leadership: “I hope I leave behind a belief that you can be kind but strong,...

Is The Apprentice setting a precedent for negative business leadership?

The Apprentice has returned to BBC One with 18 new candidates thrown into the limelight first flying to Antigua to sell excursions to tourists and then turning their hands to bao buns.

Identify the root of people issues, don’t treat the symptoms

As HR business partners, we are relied upon to solve all manner of HR and people-related issues. Many of us have gained a reputation as the go-to people fixer within our organisations. At times, it...

Future leader: Shantel Earle, HRBP, SOAS University of London

Shantel Earle, HR business partner at SOAS University of London shares her vision for the future of the HR profession.

New year's resolutions for HR in 2023

What a year it has been. It’s incredible to think that January last year we were breathing a small sigh of relief that the Covid Omicron variant had probably peaked in the UK, and after a massive push...

Employee development trends for 2023

HR is understandably trepidatious about the year ahead. Inflation and the cost-of-living crisis has meant the jobs market has continued to fluctuate.


Managing the upside-down: lessons from Stranger Things

As a leadership coach and practitioner, it is my privilege to work with leaders and leadership teams of all shapes and sizes. Many are looking for ways to achieve greater performance.

How to be a more humane business leader

Turbulent times demand a great deal from leaders, often at the very time they might be feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and uncertain themselves.

Patagonia: driving purpose with the Earth University

‘Why is our company in business?’ and ‘What can our people do to support that purpose?’ If two questions have followed me during my 20-plus-year career as an HR professional, they are these.

Lessons from the C-suite: Neville Koopowitz, CEO, Vitality UK

The CEO of Vitality talks keeping a start-up mentality and rethinking insurance.