The future for rewards in a changing world

As workforces become more diverse, rewards need to become more and more personalised. So what does this mean for HR? And what should you be doing now to prepare for the future?


Generation work: Preparing for the ageing workforce

Employees are going to have to work for longer before they retire. But what will the impact be and what should HR be doing now to address the issue?


Brexit's impact on City of London employment

In the lead up to Brexit we might be able to learn both something about the City and something about how well we adapt to change

The need for data empowerment

A critical question is how big data can be simultaneously empowering for employees and beneficial to employers

Inequalities, discrimination and the pay gap

Can HR play a role in fostering workplace inclusion and equality?

Rapid internationalisation and performance: Is the sky the limit?

To speed or not to speed is the looming question in today’s time-competitive international markets

The case for curiosity

 “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” Albert Einstein

Saving governance: Beyond the tick-box

Governance needs to be about more than a set of rules. But behaviour is not easy to change, writes Simon Lee

What is HR's role in ethics?

Multiple pressures can lead to undesirable business behaviour, so what can HR do to ensure companies remain ethical?

A better way of doing business: Why it’s time to revisit John Lewis

With poor governance hitting the headlines, it's worth revisiting the John Lewis Partnership for a case study of a different way of doing things

HR needs to look outwards to add value

Doug Sawers of SD Worx says HRDs must remember to focus on the big picture, despite uncertainty and change

Closing the skills gap – the recurring challenge

Britain suffers from stubborn skills shortages, which Brexit will only make worse. So how can business, education and government work together to solve things?