Doug Sawers

HR needs to look outwards to add value

Doug Sawers of SD Worx says HRDs must remember to focus on the big picture, despite uncertainty and change


Five ways to encourage collaboration between Generations X and Y

A great deal of the conversation in human capital management concerns the on-going movement of generations through the workforce


HR the Communicator: the new world of influence

Ten years from the launch of HR Most Influential, HR should claim the marketing top spot


A new challenge for HR

It's a tough life being in HR, but what can we learn from others functions?


Leadership is changing...are you taking the opportunity?

In our business we are lucky enough to meet with many top HR professionals. One topic I have heard more mention of recently is Values-Based Leadership, that is, really connecting organisational goals...


What does it take to be HR magazine's most influential?

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We are living and working in unprecedented times. The recession, claimed by many to be the worst in living memory, has impacted the UK economy to an alarming extent. With unemployment soaring to...