Retail staff abused for implementing COVID-19 safety measures

A new study has found two thirds (64%) of shop workers are frightened to implement COVID-19 safety measures due to the threat of abuse from customers.

Long COVID represents significant threat to workforce

New data from the Office for National Statistic (ONS) has found more than a million people in the UK were experiencing long COVID in February this year.

Millions of UK workers never want to return to the office

More than 2.5 million UK employees say they will never feel comfortable going back into the office, according to new research.

Lack of menopause support at work pushing women to resign

Nearly half (45%) of working women with menopause consider retiring or taking a break from work, yet employer support could help keep them in the workforce.

HR asked to introduce new domestic abuse policy following rise in cases

There was a rise of domestic abuse cases in the first lockdown, demonstrating the need for HR to introduce better policies to protect its employees while working from home.

Coronavirus vaccinations causing conflict over employee privacy and safety

Over half (52%) of HR leaders have said they intend to track employees' coronavirus vaccinations according to a new report from Gartner.

2020 shifted HR's priority from recruitment to wellbeing

In 2019, the top priority of HR leaders was cited as recruitment and retention, yet by the end of 2020 it shifted to employee health and wellbeing.

Goldman Sachs 'inhuman' work hours shows need for HR

Employees at investment bank Goldman Sachs have spoken out over the working conditions they have experienced during their first year at the company, saying they were averaging 95-hour work weeks.

Is compulsory mental health first aid training at work the right move?  

Yesterday (23 March) Dean Russell, MP for Watford, introduced a Parliamentary Bill to make mental health first-aid (MHFA) a compulsory part of every UK workplace's first-aid training.

The risks of coronavirus-related health and safety concerns in the workplace

In the UK, nearly half of whistleblower reports made by employees to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) between March 2020 and November 2020 related to employers’ failure to implement adequate...


COVID-19: one year on from the UK’s first lockdown and what has HR learnt?

Today (23 March) marks a year since the UK went into its first national lockdown following the outbreak of coronavirus. HR has stepped up to the plate proving its adaptability - but what has the...

Employers hindering chances to get coronavirus vaccine, TUC says

Less than half (45%) of UK companies are giving staff paid time off to get vaccinated against COVID-19, creating barriers to immunisation according to the Trades Union Congress (TUC).