UK best equipped to combat long hours fatalities

A worrying parallel between excessive working hours and life-threatening physical health issues has been revealed, but the UK may be best suited to combating overworking.

Vaccinations buy employee confidence on return to office

Over three quarters (78%) of UK employees will formally complain or leave the workplace if COVID-19 safety regulations are ignored on their return to work, according to new research by digital health...

How to deliver effective wellbeing in a post-COVID world

Restrictions may be easing, but the workplace is going to look very different. So how can employers continue to deliver effective wellbeing in this post-COVID world?

Supporting employees through bereavement and grief

Unfortunately, the last 14 months have seen more people than usual facing their own grief or having to deal with the bereavement of others. What can an employer do to support employees in this...

SMEs worried about keeping employees safe from COVID-19

The pandemic’s impact on employee health and wellbeing is the top concern for UK SMEs both in the short and long terms.

Has the wellbeing of senior staff and HR been ignored in the pandemic?

New estimates from the government's spending watchdog the Office for Budget Responsibility reveal that around 2.2 million people, or 6.5% of all workers, could be unemployed at the end of the year.

What do you do when a member of staff says they plan to take their own life?

It is the horror workplace conversation scenario for HR professionals, managers, mental health advocates, particularly if this possibility hasn’t been fully considered. Doing the wrong thing could...


Employers should take New Zealand’s lead by supporting employees after pregnancy loss

Supporting employees through life’s most momentous occasions – both the joyous and the sombre – signals to an organisation’s employees that their wellbeing and their ability to fully experience...

Employers to play important role in detecting cancer post-pandemic

Employers have a crucial role to play in tackling 50,000 undiagnosed cancer cases, according to health insurance provider Towergate Health & Protection.

Insurance policies and EAPs for workplace mental health are outdated: it’s time to revamp our approach

Mental health in the workplace has, thankfully, risen higher up the agenda in recent years, with HR and business leaders recognising the positive impact happy employees have on the organisation....


Mental health lessons from the pandemic must become part of workplace culture

It feels as though a dark cloud is lifting as the UK’s lockdown rules ease and we head towards summer.

How technology can be used to protect and enhance mental wellbeing

There is an ongoing debate about technology and its relationship with mental health, especially at work.