Strategic HR

Caring responsibilities impact over half of employees

Over half (51%) of employees reported that their career has been negatively impacted by caring responsibilities.

Take control of HR metrics 

As every HR professional will know, today’s tech-led software tools deliver a vast array of information.

Two thirds of neurodivergent employees ‘mask’ their condition

Neurodivergent staff are at risk of falling off HR’s radar, according to new research, as a majority hide their condition from colleagues, and many feel unable to ask for adjustments at work.

Six top tips for navigating challenging conversations in the workplace

For professionals working in HR, handling difficult conversations is a vital skill.

Labour’s Back to Work plan must account for employers, disability charity says

The Business Disability Forum has urged the government to consult with employers to get the details of its Back to Work plan right. The plan has been welcomed by campaign groups for its positive...

Wimbledon's tweaked dress code is a lesson for HR leaders

When considering workplace dress codes, let's not prioritise protocol above practicality.

New government sparks fresh hope for four-day week campaign

The change in UK government has sparked fresh hope among campaigners for wide-spread adoption of the four-day week, ahead of a new trial in the autumn.

HR trust in AI hiring improves

Around two thirds (66%) of HR leaders hold a more positive attitude towards AI in the workplace compared with a year ago, survey results published yesterday (11 July) have revealed.

Don’t risk scoring an own goal over Euro 2024

As the England football team prepares for the finals of the 2024 European Championships this weekend, organisations may be considering following Tesco’s lead by closing early to allow employees to...

What’s new on #WorkTok?

Just as the world of work has constantly evolved, so too has the world of #WorkTok. The app now features hashtags including #ActYourWage, #BareMinimumMondays, #RageApplying and #JobShiftShock.

Pay parity soars in aerospace but plummets elsewhere

The gender pay gap in the aerospace sector has dropped by 26% over the past year, but has widened significantly in areas such as law and engineering, according to analysis conducted by the job site...

How to manage a home working u-turn without senior talent jumping ship

How far are you willing to go to get your employees back to the office?