Industry Voices

The case for curiosity

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” Albert Einstein


Why should I worry? How HR can stay ahead of compliance

Some practical advice on compliance from Arnaud Gouachon, chief legal and compliance officer at PeopleDoc

Saving governance: Beyond the tick-box

Governance needs to be about more than a set of rules. But behaviour is not easy to change, writes Simon Lee


Why employee engagement is not an ‘option'

Happy employees are more productive. So why is engagement still seen by some as a potential waste of budget?


Is your training capability Old Kent Road or Mayfair?

While sexy mega projects get swift sign-off, training gets a ‘lunchtime facilitation session’. It’s time for a radical change


The challenges of global L&D

Organisations are demanding more and more from their learning functions, but is L&D up to the job?

Will your gender pay gap report be all pain and no gain?

Gender pay gap reporting could be damaging. But it’s also an opportunity to put diversity on the business agenda


Is your company disability-smart?

The new CEO of the Business Disability Forum puts the case for smart thinking when it comes to disabled employees

Do you really want a workforce of critical thinkers?

Is having a workforce full of critical thinkers an impossible dream – or a nightmare to be avoided?

How to make the right high tech choice

With more vendor and product choices than ever before, how can you make sure you get the best solution for you?


The learning proposition for millennials

We now have at least four generations in the workplace, but do they really want different things from their development?

Why organisations need to make sleep their business

Research from Hult International Business School reveals lack of sleep is a 'hidden threat' to the modern organisation