Human capital

Meeting the productivity challenge

Here is a conundrum: if economic growth is improving, interest rates remain at a historic low, unemployment is manageable, and inflation is unheard of, then why is UK productivity lagging?

What's the evidence for... change management?

Change management is rife with unsupported theories, so here Rob Briner examines the actual evidence.

Productivity and profitability at SSE

A long-term outlook is needed to ensure strong profitability as a UK energy company, says director of HR at SSE John Stewart.

How we talk about productivity needs to shift to suit a knowledge economy

Pinning down what productivity means to business is trickier than it may at first appear

The trouble with measuring productivity

Why the answer to the productivity puzzle may lie in how we measure it

NAPF calls for clearer reporting around human capital

The pensions fund body calls on business leaders to address the hole in corporate reporting

What's the evidence for... performance management?

Rob Briner searches for meaning in performance management

How can we kickstart investment in human capital?

Regulation and persuasion are ineffective. Is there a third way to encourage investment?

What is the point of human capital reporting?

Human capital reporting is underdeveloped, but it is too important to be ignored

Human capital ratings index launched

The Maturity Institute is attempting to rank the FTSE 150 on its approach to human capital and organisational maturity

SSE publishes report quantifying the value of its human capital

Energy company SSE has published a report that attempts to quantify the value of its human capital.

Where's the evidence for performance-related pay?

HR directors know performance-related pay is not going to actually drive improved performance but regard it as symbolically important

Human capital