Employee engagement

Employee job confidence plummets amid election

With the general election fast approaching, research reveals that the current political situation is making people feel less confident about their careers

Engaging the workforce with HR tech

How can you ensure your brand-new tech will be used by employees – and benefit them and the organisation – rather than ignored or even resented?

Grievance procedures make workplace conflict worse

CEO of The TCM Group David Liddle warned that many organisations' processes around conflict are not fit for purpose and urged HR to rethink them

International case study: Digitalising L&D at Faurecia

At automotive parts manufacturer Faurecia, L&D was overhauled to make educational content easily and quickly available to all staff at any time

Case study: Three UK's award-winning wellbeing strategy

Three UK’s award-winning wellbeing strategy is based around three pillars to ensure initiatives cover every aspect of employee health

UNLEASH 2019: Engagement and leadership at the World Food Programme

World Food Programme speakers explained how they engage staff operating in some of the most challenging environments

Webinar: Should recognition be a strategic activity?

Our latest webinar explored employee recognition and how to implement an effective strategy

Employees' views on engagement

HR magazine went out and about to discover what employee engagement really means to the UK workforce

Employees feel they don't need managers' help

Creating collaborative cultures could help overcome difficulties in the employee-manager relationship

Three lessons from ProcureCon HR

Speakers shared their expertise on strategic workforce planning, upskilling managers and cross-functional collaboration for L&D

Four employee experience myths that must be tackled

Leah Johnson, vice president of advisory at Gartner, outlined the popular myths that HR should be aware of around employee experience

Fiona Deal: At home in the housing sector

Network Homes’ executive director of people and technology dominated the HR Excellence Awards this year for the second time – what's her secret to success?

Employee engagement