Rachel Sharp

HR must use data to talk “culture problems” not “process problems”

A panel at the CIPD People Analytics Conference and Workshop discussed how HR can gain recognition in the business for its data and analytics insights


Employees' views on engagement

HR magazine went out and about to discover what employee engagement really means to the UK workforce


How employers can help with housing

Lack of affordable housing and spiralling rents are affecting multiple generations of workers


Michael Watkins: Transitioning is a core leadership skill

There are eight common transition challenges that most leaders encounter in their professional lifetime


Ed Balls: Physical and mental health conditions can be useful at work

The former Labour MP shared his experience of learning to manage a stammer in a public role and urged others not to hide their conditions


Vlatka Hlupic: New leadership needed in the fourth Industrial Revolution

At a Global Peter Drucker Forum 2019 pre-event Hlupic shared how leaders and organisations can make the shift to become more human


HR magazine's 2019 technology supplement

All of the lights: Where next on HR's digital journey?


Three lessons from ProcureCon HR

Speakers shared their expertise on strategic workforce planning, upskilling managers and cross-functional collaboration for L&D


HR must collaborate with procurement on contingent workforce management

Speakers at ProcureCon HR spoke on the gaps in HR's capability when it comes to managing temporary and freelance workers


The FA’s Pippa Grange: How culture coaching improves performance

The 'working through' model, storytelling and role-modelling can help improve resilience and performance in sport and business


Employee recognition strategies falling short

Speakers at an HR magazine and Achievers webinar discussed how sophisticated recognition strategies are today and how organisations can get this area right

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Job applications filtered by university

Graduates call for blind recruitment practices amid concerns that university snobbery still poses a hurdle for social mobility