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HR magazine's 2019 technology supplement

All of the lights: Where next on HR's digital journey?

As consumers, we are bombarded with new products, services and experiences sold to us at every turn. Billboards tell us how to reach our ideal weight, tube adverts tell us to take a left or right out of the station to find the nearest bar, social media tells us what to read…

The business – and HR – world is no different. You’re told to buy this software to keep employees happy, use this system to keep data secure, choose this tool to minimise bias in hiring… which makes navigating the HR tech space particularly challenging for leaders today.

This technology supplement aims to provide some clarity on where HR should go next on its digital journey, offering deep-dive insight into how to solve key business issues with prescriptive analytics and by building successful people analytics teams, as well as practical guidance in cyber security and piloting technology systems.

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