Working families

Kiren Vadher: We need evidence-based family-friendly policies at work

Recording data around flexible working and family-friendly policies is crucial to tackling inequality in the workplace and reducing the gender pay gap

Working Families' most family-friendly workplaces revealed

Working Families has announced its annual list of the top family-friendly employers in the UK

Working fathers missing out on family life

?One in five (17%) working fathers feel they miss out on their children growing up because of pressures at work, according to research from Quinyx

Fertility treatment should be an employee benefit, say staff

While young workers want employers to offer fertility benefits, experts warn of the ethical and financial risks for both parties

Bill introduced to make all jobs flexible by default

Advertising all roles as flexible could help close the gender pay gap, assist parents to share childcare, and better support older workers say experts

Working Families announces 2019 Best Practice Awards winners

The organisations celebrated in Working Families' Best Practice Awards have been revealed

Fathers denied flexible working

While 40% of dads have requested flexible working, 44% of these requests were unsuccessful, according to research from DaddiLife and Deloitte?

Working Families Best Practice Awards 2019 shortlist revealed

The shortlist of employers leading the way in flexible and employee-friendly workplaces has been announced

Technology a mixed blessing for work/life balance

Technology can enable flexibility but issues around working culture still inhibit work/life balance for many, research has found

Single parents frozen out of apprenticeships

Research released for National Apprenticeship Week paints a mixed view of apprenticeships, with more female management apprentices but few single parents

One month until Working Families Best Practice Awards 2019 entry deadline

?There’s one month left to apply for Working Families’ Best Practice Awards 2019

Businesses rejecting ‘maternity-age’ candidates

As the government pledges to increase rights for pregnant women at work, new research reveals discrimination against ‘maternity-age’ women