Q&A: Helping women into non-executive directorships

Helene Usherwood, partner at recruitment firm Anderson Quigley, answers questions on how recruiters can help women break into the non-executive world.

Men’s role in interrupting sexism at work

Many of us have experienced or witnessed sexism in the workplace, and may have experienced the deflecting, the eye rolls, the silence in response. Research shows men calling out sexist behaviour may...

The biggest myth around meritocracy? That it exists

It's an absolute and utter con-trick that meritocracy has ever existed anytime or anywhere in history, especially if we want to go by its meaning that it's a society governed by people selected...

A man’s view on stopping misogyny at work

Misogyny is a scary word for many men. It is often described as woman-hating but the dictionary describes it as a contempt for or an ingrained prejudice against women. If it’s only associated with the...

UK company rolls out period-friendly HR policies

As research finds women would be more likely to want to work for a company that has a period-friendly policy in place, Intimina UK aims to empower employees throughout their menstrual cycle

Women lose state pension legal battle

Women who were born in the 1950s will not be compensated for the money they missed out on when the state pension age was raised from 60 to 65

Gender pay gap: Year-two figures reveal slow progress

Fewer than half of the UK's biggest employers have succeeded in narrowing their gender pay gap

#MeToo and Time’s Up boost confidence to report sexual harassment

The social movements have encouraged employees to speak out, but employers could still do more to tackle the problem

Workplace banter undermining women's mental health

Women are more likely to suffer low confidence and mental health issues as a result of workplace banter, according to research

Flexible working stunts women's career progression

Many flexible workers feel their career progression has been limited as a result of their working patterns, according to research

Three-quarters of women lack confidence in the workplace

Training and networking can help to improve women's self-confidence

Businesses pledge to boost women in tech

?PwC has joined forces with 18 organisations to tackle a lack of women in UK technology roles