Sexual harassment

Male teaching assistant wins sexual harassment tribunal after 'Speedos' comment

A female headteacher sexually harassed a male teaching assistant by repeatedly commenting on his “fit” body, an employment tribunal ruled.

Sexism in the city: Lack of progress 'shocking' say MPs

Women working in the London financial sector are forced to put up with “shocking” levels of sexual harassment, bullying and a stagnating gender pay gap, a report by MPs has found.

Pizza Hut workers sacked after reporting sexual harassment

Two Pizza Hut workers were dismissed after reporting sexual harassment and racist, misogynistic and transphobic behaviour by managers at two franchises in Neath, Port Talbot.

Male firefighters took ‘scenic route’ to ogle women, sex harassment tribunal hears

A female firefighter won her sex harassment case after her male colleagues regularly would take the ‘scenic route’ back to their station to ogle women.

Lidl worker wins £50,000 in sexual harassment tribunal after boss banter

A Lidl supermarket worker won £50,884 in a sexual harassment claim after her manager made a slew of inappropriate comments which she was told to ‘take as a compliment.’

Cultural heritage not relevant to sexual harassment, tribunal finds

A Jersey tribunal awarded hotel employee Annastashia Wango £2,750 in a sexual harassment case, but found her Bantu heritage was not pertinent to the case.

National Grid trainee wins £360,000 in sexual harassment tribunal

A trainee for National Grid has been awarded almost £360,000 after it was found that her manager sexually harassed her.

Proactively preventing sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment is a subject that organisations hope to never have to deal with, but it has a worrying prevalence in businesses throughout the UK.

McDonald's sexual harassment alleged by staff

More than 100 UK McDonald's staff have alleged working in a toxic culture of sexual assault, harassment, racism and bullying according to a new investigation by the BBC.

HR needs to do more to protect workers from abuse from third parties

In the wake of the #MeToo scandal, the UK government pledged to review the law on sexual harassment to assess its effectiveness.

Crest Nicholson found liable for rape and harassment at Christmas party

An employer has been found liable for sexual abuse of an employee after a male colleague raped her after the company Christmas party.

CBI boss sacked over misconduct claims

Tony Danker, former director general of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), has been dismissed following an investigation over his conduct towards a female employee.