Sexual harassment

Men’s role in interrupting sexism at work

Many of us have experienced or witnessed sexism in the workplace, and may have experienced the deflecting, the eye rolls, the silence in response. Research shows men calling out sexist behaviour may...

Government cracks down on sexual harassment in the workplace

The UK government has outlined new intentions to help stamp out sexual harassment in the workplace.

Tackling bullying and harassment issues in the remote workforce

Bullying and sexual harassment have become high areas of concern for organisations operating in every industry.

Young women warn of 'talk but no action' on sexual harassment at work

?Two years on from #MeToo, one in four (25%) women still fear they’ll be fired for reporting sexual harassment, according to research by the Young Women’s Trust

Fifth of doctors witness or experience harassment

Many doctors have thought about quitting because of inappropriate behaviour from patients or colleagues

One in ten retail workers experience sexual harassment

Employers must provide an anonymous HR service for retail workers to report harassment, experts say, after research finds that shop staff feel employers could do more

Sex discrimination claims soar

More women have come forward since the #MeToo movement, which has encouraged more to report their experiences

Employers must take more responsibility for sexual harassment

?A campaign is calling for a new law to make employers responsible for preventing sexual harassment at work

Most LGBT employees have been sexually harassed at work

?Nearly seven in 10 (68%) LGBT workers have been sexually harassed at work, according to the TUC

Workers want physical contact banned at work

As research reveals employees want workplace physical contact reduced, questions are raised on whether this will prevent harassment

Tech employees now more likely to be whistleblowers

Almost half (46%) of tech workers are more likely to report any wrongdoing now than they were before various scandals hit their sector, according to research from Indeed?

Legislation on non-disclosure agreements to change

?New proposals to prevent employers from using gagging clauses to cover up wrongdoing have been put forward