Discrimination not reported by majority of employees

Three in 10 UK workers say they have been discriminated against at work, but 64% of them did not report it, according to the results of a survey commissioned by recruitment business Michael Page.

Lidl worker wins £50,000 in sexual harassment tribunal after boss banter

A Lidl supermarket worker won £50,884 in a sexual harassment claim after her manager made a slew of inappropriate comments which she was told to ‘take as a compliment.’

Proactively preventing sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment is a subject that organisations hope to never have to deal with, but it has a worrying prevalence in businesses throughout the UK.

Ryanair chief pilot sacked over sexual harassment allegations

Ryanair former chief pilot Aidan Murray has reportedly been dismissed for repeated sexual misconduct following an investigation by the airline.

Care whistleblower wins dismissal case following “witch hunt”

Gillian Holland, a former carer at Zion Care was found to be wrongfully dismissed in 2020 after raising concerns about neglect.

Tech employees now more likely to be whistleblowers

Almost half (46%) of tech workers are more likely to report any wrongdoing now than they were before various scandals hit their sector, according to research from Indeed?

Top employers prioritise gender diversity

High-performing organisations see the recruitment and progression of women as a business-critical priority, according to Top Employers Institute data

Organisations must do more to monitor culture

Creating a strong organisational culture can benefit many areas of the organisation, our webinar found

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Police vow to "root out" sexual harassment among staff

Research reveals staff face high levels of incidents such as leering, sexual gestures and inappropriate touching