Long meetings impacting worker productivity

Over half (55%) of UK office workers said they waste too much time in meetings, while 81% are confident that shorter meetings would achieve the same outcomes.

Creativity barriers in a logical world and how to shift them  

I love squiggly lines. I always have. Put me back in Mrs Morrison's primary school class, and I’m as proud of the abstract artwork on the sleeve of my P5 jotter as whatever is written inside. It’s not...

Workers wasting over five days a year in 'pointless' meetings

Employees across the UK are spending too much time on menial tasks such as sending emails, updating the status of tasks and having unnecessary meetings.

Caitlin Moran: Equality is not a luxury

As HR knowns equality is a necessity, it can be frustrating for them trying to bring the workplace along with them. Caitlin Moran’s closing keynote at this year’s CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition...

Managers failing on the basics of successful one to ones

HR must train and support managers to hold effective meetings with their reports, or risk employees feeling devalued and disengaged