Internal comms

Internal comms and personalisation - what HR needs to learn from marketing

HR professionals play a vital role in maintaining a strong company culture and ensuring employee engagement.

Bankruptcy and redundancy: how to communicate with staff

Communicating with staff requires careful thought, as those at learned after being sued by employees that were made redundant via zoom last year.

Employer podcasts preferred over company-wide emails

Podcasts could be the answer to email fatigue as around half (47%) of employees said they would rather listen to one that receive a company-wide email.

Ukraine conflict: how should HR engage with employees?

Amid concern over the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, HR can and should provide a steadying voice, according to experts.

Over a third of Brits would go into work Covid-positive

Almost four in 10 Britons (37%) say they are likely to go to work following a positive Covid-19 test result.

What do we mean when we talk about talent?

How you define talent can have a major impact on your organisation