Industrial relations

Who is on strike in January and February 2024?

Find out who is striking, why, and what services will be affected in our roundup.

Compromise is a way forward, not a weakness

Compromise is not a dirty word, although it can feel as though it is. Often it is seen negatively, perceived as a weakness or a betrayal of the trust of others. After all, why should anyone compromise...

British Airways workers secure major pay increase following fire and rehire strategy

Around 24,000 UK British Airways (BA) staff have secured a 13.1% pay rise over an 18-month period, together with a £1,000 one-off payment.

Ruling against using agency workers in strikes will not be appealed by government

The government will not appeal the High Court decision that using agency workers to cover for workers on strike is unlawful.

TUC and government clash over right to strike

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has announced a national ‘right to strike’ day of protest on 1 February, following the publication of the government's minimum service levels bill yesterday (10...

Ministers accused of 'using the P&O playbook' for lifting agency worker strike ban

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has said the UK government’s decision to allow companies to replace striking staff with agency workers undermines action taken against P&O Ferries earlier this year.

Strikes and industrial unrest: FAQs

It is being widely reported that various parts of the UK economy face the threat of industrial action over the remaining months of 2022.  In the last 20 years, it was 2011 that saw the largest number...

Employee relations to enter new era of instability

Following the news of strikes at the likes of Royal Mail, British Airways, Network Rail and Ryanair, around half (53%) of UK employers believe the country is entering a new, more unstable period of...

HR warned to prepare for summer of strikes

The rise in strikes across the UK, including planned actions from Royal Mail, British Airways, NHS doctors, barristers and teachers, means HR must be prepared to handle employee relations calmly and...

The evolution of HR: 1984 to 2014 and beyond

Back in 1984, the working landscape was very different to the one we find ourselves in today.