How to avoid a Christmas party crisis

Work Christmas parties can be a fun way to celebrate the holidays, or a recipe for disaster. How can HR make sure festive cheer doesn’t turn sour?

Sexual abusers in NHS ‘untouchable’, female doctors report

A group of female NHS doctors have said known perpetrators of sexual violence are tolerated or regarded as untouchable.

Train driver unfairly dismissed for tarantula prank

A train driver who left a tarantula skin in his female colleagues’ pigeonhole did not bully her and was unfairly dismissed, a tribunal has ruled.

How McDonald’s can avoid future accusations of sexual harassment, racism and bullying

The issue involves a global brand relying on its management and franchisees to maintain the culture and behaviour the ‘golden arches’ deserves and has worked hard to build and develop. 

NHS scientist awarded £58,000 after being named ‘Paininarse’ on spreadsheet

Ubah Jama, a biochemist for the NHS, won a tribunal claim for racial discrimination after a colleague tagged her a ‘Paininarse’ on a work spreadsheet that could be seen by colleagues from two...

Sexual assault in the NHS: why HR processes are failing and how to fix them

Recent stories of widespread sexual harassment and assault against female NHS surgeons are truly shocking. 

Autistic M&S worker unfairly dismissed for harassment allegation

A tribunal has found that retailer Marks & Spencer unfairly fired an autistic man after a colleague complained about his behaviour.

Workplace 'banter' costs firm £15k in discrimination claim

A manager who was called a homophobic slur during workplace ‘banter’ has won £15,400 in a discrimination claim.

Workplace bullying to be defined and abolished by new bill

Rachael Maskell, MP for York Central, presented a bill to parliament on 11 July which aims to stamp out workplace bullying.

Royal Mail to pay record £2 million to bullied whistleblower

Royal Mail has been ordered to award former media specialist Kam Jhuti more than £2 million in compensation after a tribunal found she had been harassed and intimidated.

Hot topic: Do cultural rehabilitations require a fall guy? Part one

Former head of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), Toby Danker, said he had been wrongly associated with the wider scandal at CBI about the treatment of female employees, claiming he was made...

Expatriate workers less likely to disclose violence at work

Globally, 44% of expatriate workers cited ‘not knowing what to do’ as a reason for not telling someone about violence or harassment at work compared to 34% of people that work in their native...