British Airways faces record data breach fine: HR experts react

HR must have a robust plan for cyber attacks, according to experts commenting following the news that British Airways (BA) is facing a record fine over a data breach

HR bears brunt of GDPR compliance

One year on from the introduction of the GDPR, HR professionals report feeling burdened by the demands of data compliance and fear it could get worse post-Brexit

HR unaware of extent of employees' messaging app use

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Third in HR fail to delete personal data

Six months on from the GDPR there are discrepancies between data protection policies and practices

Staff working out of hours could be violating GDPR

UK workers struggling to switch off outside of working hours could be breaching GDPR rules, according to Insurance2go

Employers should be cautious following Morrisons data ruling

Legal experts have warned that employers should be cautious following the Morrisons data breach verdict?

Collecting criminal records during recruitment not GDPR-compliant

Charity Unlock has issued guidance for employers around hiring candidates with criminal records