Fertility and business: How can managers better support employees?

The delay in women having children can present challenges for both employees and businesses.

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Why male fertility needs addressing, too

Infertility affects a significant portion of the population with research showing that approximately one in six couples are struggling to conceive.

HR must break the IVF taboo

Many employees worry that disclosing their fertility journey to their employers will negatively affect their careers, according to founder of The IVF Network Charlotte Gentry.

Women undergoing fertility treatment experiencing unfair treatment at work

A new study found 22% of women who told their boss they were going through fertility treatment experienced unfair treatment at work.

IVF bill crucial step for championing women's reproductive health

A private member's bill to introduce a legal right for women to seek time off for fertility treatment could be a watershed moment for women's rights in the UK.

Family planning top benefit for young employees

Fertility benefits, such as IVF support, are beginning to be seen as a fundamental part of healthcare by young female employees.

Fertility treatment should be an employee benefit, say staff

While young workers want employers to offer fertility benefits, experts warn of the ethical and financial risks for both parties

Supporting staff undergoing IVF

IVF is a highly prevalent but under-considered issue in UK workplaces, and there are areas where HR can assist employees