Brexit five years on: European interest in UK jobs has plummeted

Five years on from the Brexit referendum new research by jobsite Indeed has found UK employees in the lowest paid jobs have been most negatively affected by the decision to leave the EU.

How to navigate business trips to and from EEA countries

With Brexit, the UK has also left the European Economic Area, which means business travel is no longer as simple as it once was. Take time to understand the new rules.

Tesco employees win landmark equal pay tribunal

The European Court of Justice has ruled in favour of Tesco workers who failed to receive equal pay for work of equal value carried out by others.

What HR needs to know about Brexit right to work checks from 1 July

Brexit has changed a lot in the world of work. Companies exporting goods to the EU need to meet Rules of Origin requirements, to avoid costly tariffs. But for HR professionals, the most significant...

Return to physical Right to Work checks delayed

The UK government has pushed back the reintroduction of physical Right to Work checks to 21 June 2021.

Brexit concerns rose among EU nationals when Boris Johnson took office

HR must focus on supporting EU citizens working in the UK, as research shows fear over Brexit increased at the time of the new PM’s appointment

Employers facing shrinking supply of low-skilled labour

While an influx of non-EU citizens has kept the supply of medium- and high-skilled labour in good shape, low-skilled labour shortage remains a concern

Non-UK staff feel less accepted since Brexit

?Almost one in 10 (8%) non-native workers in the UK have left a job because they felt they didn’t fit in, according to Jobsite

Businesses look to UK talent as EU workers turn away

Brexit may be creating new opportunities for people in the UK, according to research from LinkedIn

UK’s long-hours working culture worst in EU

Employees in the UK are working longer hours but are less productive than their European counterparts, according to the TUC

Six-month Brexit extension: HR community reacts

HR will play a significant role in steering their organisations through further uncertainty, ?as a new deadline of 31 October is agreed by European Union leaders

Businesses unprepared for post-Brexit immigration drop

?As the current Brexit deadline of 12 April approaches, new research reveals that the majority of UK firms are unprepared for immigration changes