Ann Bevitt

How (not) to handle disclosures by whistleblowers

Although the UK’s whistleblowing regime has been around for nearly 25 years, employers still frequently get into trouble when handling disclosures by employees. 


GDPR one year on: What has HR learnt?

While there have been few enforcements to date, some important lessons have emerged


Tricky areas of GDPR compliance

During the course of the employment relationship employers will process a wide range of employees’ personal data, including special categories


The legal perils of age discrimination in the workplace

It didn’t take long for the issue of age discrimination in the workplace to steal the media spotlight once again. While he was ruled against, the latest case involving John McCririck, where he accused...


Zero hours contracts offer flexibility and give employers a competitive edge

In its search for growth, the Government has been good to employers over the last few years.


Employees - and employers - should be careful when using social media

Employees are ever more frequently finding themselves in trouble as a result of their social media activities. Two weeks ago a tweeter was convicted of sending a menacing electronic communication and...


Good communication is crucial to avoid employee backlash from redundancies

The Tribunals Service's statistics released last month did not make happy reading for employers.