HR now more trusted to provide data insights

Organisational trust and appreciation for HR insights is showing signs of improvement, as research finds that executives value the data HR can bring to the business

Philips’ Toby Culshaw: Data use is an ethical minefield

Data creates limitless opportunities so long as HR knows how to use it properly

HR stretching itself too thin research finds

The HR function must become more strategic and less apologetic, according to LACE Partners

Employees unaware of messaging app security risks

A third (33%) of employees have sent customer information via new communication platforms, suggesting a lack of awareness of security risks, research finds

Top employers prioritise gender diversity

High-performing organisations see the recruitment and progression of women as a business-critical priority, according to Top Employers Institute data

UK employment hits record high

The number of vacancies has hit the highest estimate since comparable records began in 2001, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Employee data can create more questions than answers

Gathering as much data as possible isn't the key to understanding an organisation's health, according to employee measurement and insights lead at BP Laura Hammett

Third in HR fail to delete personal data

Six months on from the GDPR there are discrepancies between data protection policies and practices

Shami Chakrabarti: HR must find a sensible social media policy

Employers must find an effective balance when it comes to social media policy, the Labour MP and former director of advocacy group Liberty Shami Chakrabarti has urged

Employers should be cautious following Morrisons data ruling

Legal experts have warned that employers should be cautious following the Morrisons data breach verdict?

Businesses not reporting key people data

FTSE 100 firms are failing to share important workforce data in their annual reports, according to the CIPD