The future looks squiggly

Should employers be actively embracing people with squiggly careers? The Recruitment and Employment Confederation and KPMG's most recent UK Report on Jobs, found that permanent hires had fallen again.

The new path to high-level HR, Part 2

How can new HR practitioners get ahead? In this second part of our cover story for the March/April 2024 issue, Dan Cave examines how HR career paths are changing, amid increased expectations, the use...

Future leader: Emma Locke, Perfetti Van Melle

Emma Locke, change and communications lead for the confectionery manufacturer Perfetti Van Melle, shares her vision for the future of the profession.

Building Lego's HR structure, brick by brick

Having a professional excuse to play with bricks every day might be the dream for many, but HR at Lego is far from child’s play, finds Beau Jackson.

Not everyone wants to become a manager – that’s a good thing

Many hope to develop their careers by honing a specialism they’re most passionate about. But with an often impermeable perception that management experience is the sole route to progression, these...

Do you need a work/life balance in your 20s?

Chris Hladczuk, tech influencer and founder of a fintech startup Meow, has suggested a positive work/life balance leads to a mediocre career.

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Jay Chowdhury, HR director, operations at power company Vattenfall shares her tips for a successful career in HR.


How I got here: Fiona Mullan, Bloom & Wild

Fiona Mullan, chief people officer at Bloom & Wild, shares her tips for a varied and successful career in HR.

Millions of UK workers poised to switch careers in 2021

A quarter of UK workers are reportedly considering a career change in 2021 according to a report from job site Adzuna.

How the ‘Amazon experience’ can transform talent management

Our lives are increasingly lived online, but how can HR harness the ‘Amazon experience’ in the workplace?

Making career management a reality: A guide for HR

To achieve a fully engaged workforce, employees must feel valued and that they have a future within their organisation. Employees need to know they have the opportunity to progress in their careers...