Business leaders

A year on from the CBI scandal

Elizabeth Wallace, interim chief people officer, was given a year to rescue the CBI from a sexual misconduct crisis. In this exclusive interview, Millicent Machell finds out how she used HR to drive...

Why the NHS's 'fit and proper person test' should be an industry standard

On 30 September the NHS rolled out its 'fit and proper person test' (FPPT) framework for vetting top-level executive and non-executive directors.

Line managers are the real guardians of company culture – why aren’t leaders acting on it?

Line managers face big challenges today that are frequently overlooked. They’re now tasked with supporting multi-generational and hybrid teams who have different expectations of work, but often aren’t...

How to spot a toxic leader

Allegations of toxic leadership are never far from the headlines. Whether it’s politicians bullying colleagues or senior corporate executives creating a negative culture, no organisation is immune...

Knowing when to step down as a leader

Jacinda Arden has announced she is stepping down as prime minister of New Zealand, leaving us with powerful words on leadership: “I hope I leave behind a belief that you can be kind but strong,...

How to be a more humane business leader

Turbulent times demand a great deal from leaders, often at the very time they might be feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and uncertain themselves.

Lessons from the C-suite: Neville Koopowitz, CEO, Vitality UK

The CEO of Vitality talks keeping a start-up mentality and rethinking insurance.

Lessons from the C-suite: Jan Tragelles, CEO, Revitalise

The CEO of Revitalise Respite Holidays discusses how dyslexia is her superpower, the talent crisis and her top tips for being a great leader.

DHL Express CEO: “There’s no such thing as a support function"

John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express, speaks to HR magazine about the importance of cultivating a people-first culture.

How to be a reviver rather than a survivor with leadership

The determining factor of an organisation’s success in response to each and every disruptive opportunity is leadership – whether that be recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, the threat of recession,...

The key to empowered leadership

Inclusive leadership is ensuring workers can bring their full selves to their work – empowerment entails giving individuals and teams greater autonomy to take decisions and find innovative solutions....

Ten tips for successful influencing

There’s no doubt HR’s influence within organisations has increased significantly. After years of debate and lobbying about the need for the profession to hold a strategic remit and a place in the...

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