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HRMI 2021: Verena Hefti, CEO and founder, Leaders Plus

Hefti is the CEO and founder of the award-winning social enterprise Leaders Plus. She set up Leaders Plus to support leaders with babies and young children to continue to progress their careers.

Hefti believes that no one should have to choose between becoming a CEO and their young children. She stands for supporting parents to fulfil ambitious career dreams which she believes is essential to achieving gender equality at the top.

She is also a self-confessed career development geek and spends a lot of her spare time reading about the science behind career progression.

Hefti has won won several awards for her work with Leaders Plus including the Prime Minister’s Points of Light Award.

She is the podcast host of the popular Leaders with Babies podcast. 

Prior to Leaders Plus, she ran leadership development programmes and events for 10 years in Switzerland, Denmark, and the UK. She was regional director at Teach First, where she redesigned leadership development conferences and delivered leadership training to 400 Teach First participants.

She graduated with an MA with distinction in social anthropology from the University of Manchester where she studied gender equality in depth.


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Verena Hefti was ranked fifth on the list of HR Most Influential Thinkers in 2021.