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Video: Doug Sawers on the importance of HR

Our video series explores the views of those who took part in this year's HR Most Influential rankings

Doug Sawers, managing director of SD Worx UK & Ireland, discusses the impact HR can have not just on business but on the world at large, in the first of our HR Most Influential video series.

“Leadership training is always evolving, across every industry that we work with,” Sawers said, speaking at the unveiling of the HR Most Influential rankings, of which SD Worx was a sponsor. “As business and industry looks to the future, skills, training and talent is always going to be the differentiator, even more now than in the past.

“HR can be enormously influential across business, across industries, and in fact globally,” he added. “The complexity of the world today, and the rate at which it is changing, means representing talent and its potential at the most senior levels of businesses or organisations has never been more important.”