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Unite launches service to gather evidence of bullying at work while protecting respondents' anonymity

Unite is using employee feedback tools in a campaign aiming to halt bullying in the workplace.

The union is working with QuestBack to launch a service that will allow Unite researchers to survey organisations’ workforces and interact with respondents without jeopardising their anonymity, encouraging open and honest answers to difficult questions.

Unite is working with organisations across a variety of sectors to identify bullying and harassment issues and then provide tailored support and advice to individuals affected. The union also uses the gathered evidence to work with management teams to transform affected workplaces.
In one project, approximately 500 employees in the transport and manufacturing sectors were surveyed during the research using the QuestBack service. The union is now working with management teams from across the different workplaces surveyed to take practical steps to target and eliminate the problem.
Colin Potter, research officer at Unite, said: "Bullying is a severe offence that must be taken seriously by all employers large and small. HR departments and senior management have a responsibility to ensure adequate checks are in place to identify and support potential issues."
"The QuestBack online service allows us to build a dialogue with anonymous survey correspondents, providing real employee evidence to go to management with authority and to support positive change. We can also offer personal support and advice to those employees who are facing bullying issues."
The bullying project was co-ordinated in agreement with several other trade unions and in collaboration with a range of different workplaces. To ensure a high response rate, all the workplaces allowed their employees to respond to the survey during work hours.