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Three-quarters of HR professionals work on commute

HR professionals feel pressured to work equivalent of extra four weeks per year

Around three-quarters (76%) of HR professionals work on the commute to and from their jobs, according to research by HR recruiter Ortus.

The survey of HR professionals from more than 160 companies suggests they work an average of 3.5 hours per week while commuting, the equivalent of about four weeks per year.

A large majority (78%) of HR professionals admit their efforts are not reflected in their pay, bonus, time in lieu or additional holidays. This puts the annual value of the unpaid work at an average of £2,189 per employee.

Almost two-thirds (63%) of HR professionals say they feel pressured to work on their commute, while 21% say they would not be able to keep up with the demands of their job if they didn't. However, more than one-quarter (28%) admit they are not sure whether the work they do on their commute is essential for their role.

Ortus MD Simon Bassett commented that the research highlights an "irony" of HR professionals protecting other employees' working and pay conditions while essentially working for free.

"As most employers are aware of this activity but do not reward it, we must ask whether the digital age has led to a more blasé attitude about additional work. Just because it isn’t in the office doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable," he added.