Three-quarters of UK tech professionals would consider international move

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of UK-based technical professionals would consider an international move for the right opportunity, according to research from technical recruiter Dice.

The UK Mobility Survey found that 41% of respondents cited lifestyle factors or a better work-life balance as the primary reason for considering a move abroad.

The US, Australia and Canada top the list of the most attractive places to relocate to, followed by France, Germany, New Zealand and Spain.

More than two-thirds (69%), however, indicated they were just as open to moving within the UK if the right opportunity came up, pointing to an avenue for UK employers to retain technical talent within the country.

Tamara Besson, group HR director for technology firm HEG, told HR magazine that the key to retaining skilled staff lies in open communication. “I work on a pan-European level but a large part of my job is making sure that our brands retain a home-grown talent pool in their local markets,” she said.

“With all our gadgets today it’s easy to hide behind our laptops – but that’s where you lose touch with your team. Communicating with employees is the best approach to understanding their needs and interests.

“You need to get off email and go speak to your team members to ensure clear communication. If you’re able to identify talents and skillsets by facilitating open communication you can then provide new opportunities that will challenge and inspire loyalty within your team.”

Jamie Bowler, Dice’s marketing director in the UK and continental Europe, commented: “Tech professionals fully recognise the highly transferable nature of their skills. As a result [they] are often more open than other professionals to the idea of moving – whether to improve their career or their lifestyle.

“This dynamic, in turn, places greater pressure on employers to ensure they have the right culture and working environment in which tech professionals will thrive. Those businesses that have an international footprint should also actively facilitate mobility within the organisation in order to both attract and retain strong tech talent.”