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The 12 months of 2016: October

?As our 12 Days of Christmas countdown we look at the most important HR happenings over the last year

Uber ruling

Uber drivers won the right to be classed as workers, rather than self-employed, in late October.

The employment tribunal called the argument that drivers should be classed as self-employed contractors and therefore not be eligible for basic benefits "faintly ridiculous".

Employment law experts said that while the outcome of the case could be far-reaching, it does not set a legal precedent that could encourage similar claims in other industries.

Holiday pay commission ruling

British Gas also lost a significant legal battle in October. The dispute between British Gas and a sales employee known as Mr Lock focuses on whether the energy company was right to pay him and other staff who earn commission just their basic pay after they returned to work from a holiday.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) said that normal remuneration included commission, and the Court of Appeal also found in Lock's favour by ruling that commission earnings must be taken into account when calculating holiday pay.

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