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Staff would rather work from home

Almost two-thirds of staff (62%) would be happier and more productive if they worked from home, but three-quarters are not offered such flexibility.

A report from telephone headset manufacturer Plantronics2 stated that 48% of employees want to work from home due to rising fuel prices, and 39% think it would give them a better work-life balance.

Less than a quarter (22%) of staff would choose to work in a traditional office, with 15% wanting to set up stall in their garden.

However, 17% of those questioned said they lacked the technology and support to work from home - and less than a quarter think colleagues who do work from home are more productive.

Paul Clarke, general manager for the UK at Platronics, said: "Our research shows home workers are more likely to work smarter and multi-task, whether that's replying to emails while on the phone, putting on the washing while participating in a conference call, or welcoming the children home from school between tasks."