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Register for our webinar on maximising HR investment returns during economic downturns

Don’t miss our upcoming HR Lunchtime Debate with Lattice on Wednesday 27 October at 12:30pm.

Organisations are having to shift their focus from growth post-pandemic to cost control to protect against the predicted economic downturn and crippling inflation rates.

This could lead to possible HR budget cuts and a reduction in team sizes.

That’s why this webinar will discuss how HR can create the case for protecting its initiatives during a potential recession.

HR magazine editor Jo Gallacher will be joined by people and operations director of the Institute of Occupational Medicine Michelle Reid and head of EMEA at Lattice Seth Kramer.

They will discuss aligning key HR principles with a changing business strategy and how HR can continue to engage employees when there are fewer promotions and pay rises available.

More panellists will be announced in the coming weeks.

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