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Online payroll system saves GAC Logistics six days a year


GAC Logistics UK has launched an electronic payroll system to reduce its environmental impact and improve business efficiency.

Previously, the firm took half a day each month to process employees' payslips manually on paper but the new payslip system, provided by COA Solutions, will now save the company six working days a year.

Staff receive their payslips via email as a pdf, which they access using a password. They can then save this to a directory and view for future use.

Annalie Briers, HR and payroll manager at GAC Logistics UK, said: "The new system is easy to use and has enabled us to make payslips available online at least two days before staff are paid so they no longer have to worry about their payslips going missing or being delayed in the post. This has also helped to reduce the number of queries regarding staff pay and has ensured any errors are corrected before the payroll is closed."

She added: "We will receive a return on our investment within just 12 months."