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Nine in ten Brits work in non-business hours, survey finds


Almost 90% of British employees work during non-business hours, with 18% saying they work more than 10 hours per week in their personal time, according to research by Jive Software.

According to the research, 34% of British workers also report logging on while on holiday, and 14% said they do not even take holiday. 

However, compared to the USA, British workers are shirkers. More than a third (37%) of American employees work more than 10 hours per week during their off time, and 50% of US workers say they devote time to do work on holiday.

While 36% of Brits say they use their personal smartphones and tablets for work, that’s nothing compared to the 62% of Americans who do the same. 

Nathan Rawlins, VP of product marketing at Jive, blamed unproductive time at work for the trend.

“Employees around the globe are spending far too much time on unproductive work: sitting through unnecessary meetings, wading through endless email, and constantly searching for long-lost documents—leading to more people doing their actual jobs on off hours,” he said.

The research surveyed more than 2,000 adults from the UK and 2,000 from the US.