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Nestle staff walk more than eight kilometres a day in major wellbeing initiative

Over one third of Nestl UK's 5,000 staff have collectively covered the equivalent of walking around the world 30 times, as part of a major wellbeing initiative.

More than 1,800 employees took part in the annual competition run by the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), which encourages workers to get more active during their working day.

The average Nestlé employee walked the equivalent of more than 8.2kms a day, burning off approximately 514 calories each day.

And, according to Nestlé's head of employee wellness, David Batman, this is 420% more physical activity than the average UK employee - they would normally walk around 3,000 steps a day, using only enough energy to burn off a small apple.
Nestlé UK employees walked 1.9 billion steps in total, covering 1,249,234 collective kilometres. The commitment and performance of Nestlé UK employees resulted in the company taking the GCC trophy for the Most Active Company in the World for the second year in a row, beating nearly 1,000 other businesses.
Overall, a third (35%) of participants in the GCC reported weight loss, with an average loss of 4.5kg each and two thirds reported increased energy and increased fitness (63% and 61% respectively).

Walking accounted for over 66% of all journeys, up from 15% before the Challenge started. Travelling by bicycle doubled over the course of the past 125 days while journeys by car dropped by over half and employees used the office lifts 50% less during the Challenge than normal, choosing to walk up and down stairs instead

Paul Grimwood, chief executive, Nestlé UK, said: "There's a clear link between an active workplace and a productive workforce. Donning our pedometers and taking part in the GCC has helped all of us become active, fitter and healthier as part of our organisation-wide health and wellbeing programme."