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Managers are so focused on getting results they don't take time to listen to staff concerns

Managers are not engaging with staff while employees are increasingly asking for time to be heard, new research reveals.

According to research company Shine Feedback, 87% of 11,000 employees surveyed think one of the most important management behaviours is taking time to listen - but 52% confirm managers are not very good at understanding the needs of others.

Andy Clare, managing partner at Shine Feedback, said: "In times of stress, individuals rely heavily on natural behaviour and have less time, energy or the inclination to adopt behaviours that require more conscious thought.

"If I am right about this, many managers today will be placing even more emphasis on being seen to deliver - and even less emphasis on taking time to listen. And this is at a time when employees, possibly anxious about job security, require reassurance."

Respondents think managers are most successful at completing tasks (68%) and understanding business challenges (65%).