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HR managers are adopting imaginative ways of communicating with staff to improve motivation

In response to concerns about staff motivation, HR managers are using a mixture of methods to communicate with employees to try to maintain and improve engagement, new research reveals.

According to a survey conducted by law firm Davies Arnold Cooper, while team briefings and employee communications (68%) topped the bill of ways to increase employee motivation, face-to-face methods such as team-building events (49%) and further training and coaching (41%) are increasing in importance.

With 55% of HR managers surveyed concerned about staff motivation in their organisation, many have adopted further methods to motivate employees in addition to traditional recognition schemes including volunteering opportunities (32%) and offering a sabbatical (8%).

Wendy Trehy, employment partner at Davies Arnold Cooper, said: "Studies show that a highly engaged workforce drives deeper customer loyalty, increased productivity and profitability. However, the problem that organisations are facing now is how to motivate employers in the current economic climate. From a legal perspective, care needs to be taken if introducing new recognition and reward schemes and consultation is generally required."

The survey also revealed that job security now closely follows pay and reward as the most important staff motivator (31% and 38% respectively).