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Majority of workers claim training prospects are key when looking for a new job

British workers are continuing to demand training provision, with 82% believing training opportunities are vital for their career development and 78% saying it's a key benefit they would look for in a new job.

According to a report from Citrix GoToTraining, 88% of employers agree that training is important, but highlighted key issues that are hindering their ability to provide courses, including cost (56%), making the time to arrange the sessions (54%), and not wanting staff away from their desk or out of the office unnecessarily (30%).

The survey of 500 businesses and 1,300 working adults reveals investment in employee development is at the top of the training agenda for most companies, with the biggest benefits perceived to be enhancing staff skills (88%) and boosting morale and loyalty (63%).  

While almost two thirds (61%) of employers said they want to increase the amount of training they provide to staff, British workers were quick to voice frustrations over many aspects of the professional training they receive, in particular, compulsory sessions with irrelevant content (52%), receiving out-of-date information (51%) and the poor quality of trainers (49%).

The majority of training is still conducted in person and on the job, although one in four businesses now offer online training to their employees. In fact, using technology to deliver training sessions was cited by 32% of businesses as a way of making them more effective, with 23% saying online courses would reduce costs.

Andrew Millard, director of eCommerce, EMEA for Citrix Online's GoToTraining, said: "The research reveals the importance of training to both businesses and workers across Europe, and highlights a number of issues that are affecting the quantity and quality provided. Businesses in France, Germany and Britain all recognise the benefits training can bring, such as a more skilled and loyal workforce, but expense, time, logistical and resourcing issues are proving to be barriers.

"Web-based online training offers an attractive solution as companies can quickly set up courses and cost-effectively deliver more training sessions to a greater number of people. By ensuring content is relevant, encouraging discussion and analysing feedback, companies across Europe can ensure they meet the demands of their employees."