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For many the Christmas bonus is a thing of the past this year

The majority of workers do not expect to receive a bonus this Christmas, and a fifth have no idea how their bonuses are calculated.

According to Taleo, 39% of employees are expecting to receive an end-of-year bonus - up from 34% in 2008.
The survey also found that most businesses do not align corporate success with individual success when reviewing rewards. Just 19% of respondents stated that their employer calculates bonuses using personal performance targets linked to business goals.
Instead, the majority of bonus calculations are based on the general success of the business (21%) or on individual success (30%). A fifth of employees have no idea how their bonus is calculated.

But 90% think managers have a ‘reasonably clear and accurate' or ‘very clear and accurate' view of their performance and achievement, with 88% saying they have a good understanding of the performance their employer expects of them.

Chris Phillips, vice president, international marketing at Taleo, said: "In order to ensure they are getting the best possible value out of their bonus and reward schemes, businesses need to clearly align corporate and individual targets.

"Goals alignment is a key part of any effective performance management strategy. Without it, businesses cannot be sure that an employee's personal efforts will directly contribute to the company's overall success."