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124 million working hours lost because of snow

Britain lost up to 124 million working hours last week as 74% of the British workforce were affected by snow chaos.

As the snow returned to the UK this morning, according to a report by Citrix GoToMyPC and YouGov, 45% of employees were affected by travel disruption last week.

Some employees were also forced to stay at home due to school closures (8%) and 11% of workers had to postpone or cancel business meetings.  

Despite the difficult conditions, almost half (48%) of British workers felt under pressure to get to work and maintain ‘business as usual', 11% couldn't get to work but worked from home, while 12% were not able to work at all.

Andrew Millard, director of eCommerce, EMEA for Citrix Online's GoToMyPC, said: "The weather seen in the first week of 2010 had a catastrophic effect on employees and businesses throughout the country, with millions of pounds lost and productivity severely hindered. In severe weather, being equipped with a virtual office that provides a ‘just like being there experience' is the best insurance for businesses.

"Having collaboration and remote access tools is not only the ultimate ‘quality of work' improvement, but the cornerstone of an effective business continuity plan that mitigates the devastating impact of lost productivity."