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January the 'most popular month for job changes'

The top reason employees left a job was low salary, chosen by more than one in three (35%) respondents

January is the month employees are most likely to think about changing jobs, with almost one in five (18%) citing this as the most popular month to make a move, according to a survey by Glassdoor.

The top reason employees left a job was low salary, chosen by more than one in three (35%) respondents. Needing a new challenge was cited by 23%, and 22% stated their work was too boring to consider staying.

Nearly one in 10 (9%) of those surveyed cited negative relationships with colleagues as a reason for resignation during their career. However, camaraderie is far more important for younger workers as 18% of 16- to 24-year-olds rank this as a reason for leaving a past employer.

Male respondents were more likely to resign over the company culture, with 16% of men claiming they had left a company because they did not like it compared to 11% of women. Women, however, were more likely to leave a role in which they did not approve of their line manager, chosen by 19% of women and 17% of men. Female respondents were also the most keen to take on new challenges, with 25% looking for new experiences compared to 22% of males.

The youngest respondents, aged between 16 and 24, were the most likely to have quit because of the salary being too low. Workers aged over 55 were the most likely to have resigned because of the length of their commute, chosen by 22%.

Jon Ingham, Glassdoor career and workplace expert, said that understanding what causes employees to leave a company is beneficial to both the jobseeker and the employer. “For jobseekers this survey offers an important reminder to research a company before applying or accepting a job offer to understand what keeps current and even former employees satisfied and what would or did cause them to resign.

“For employers, understanding reasons for resignation across the country, at competitors, and within your own company can help in evaluating and improving recruiting and retention efforts,” he added.

Top five reasons for leaving a job:

Low salary – 35%

I'd been there a long time and needed a new challenge – 23%

The work was boring – 22%

Job location/length of commute – 20%

I didn't approve of my boss/line manager – 18%