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Looking for a new job while at work is a common occurrence

More than half of employees have looked for another job during their current employers' time.

According to a study of 1,489 people of working age by Hirescores.com, 53% have looked for another job while at work during company time in a past or current role.

Of the office workers who looked for a new job during their working day, three quarters (73%) said they did so as they were bored in their current role, while a quarter said they had already told a close colleague that they were looking to leave.  And 11% said that a colleague or manager had caught them searching for another job.

Just under a quarter (23%) admitted they looked while at work since this might scare their employers into giving them a pay increase.

People in London are the most likely to search for a new job from their place of employment, suggesting London is the region where workers are most unhappy with their current employers. Those from the South West were the least likely to job hunt while at work, with only 17% admitting to having done it.

The biggest reason for looking for a new job at work was not having enough time to do it at home, with 49% stating this as the main factor. A third said they were unhappy in their current job.

Of the people who admitted to looking for new jobs while at work, two thirds suggested that wanting an increase in salary was the main reason they were looking for a new employer. More than two out of five (42%) said the lack of progression at their current role was a factor.

Men were most likely to look for a new job while at work, with 57% of respondents who admitted to searching for a new job while at work being male.