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Employer branding: Coca-Cola is the company most job seekers want to work for

Coca-Cola is seen as the 'dream employer' by more than three quarters of UK job seekers.

The research of 1,326 respondents by HireScores found American companies are the most appealing work places to Brits, with US brands topping the poll. The study also shows that UK brands are desirable to many of the respondents, with companies such as British Airways and Virgin featuring.  

According to the response to the multi -answer question ‘which of the following companies would be your dream work place' below are the top 10 most desirable companies of employment:

1.    Coca-Cola - 76%
2.    Microsoft - 69%
3.    Google - 66%
4.    Apple - 61%
5.    Virgin - 57%
6.    Vogue - 54%
7.    Facebook - 51%
8.    Disney - 48%
9.    Kraft foods - 44%
10.    British Airways - 41%

The research found that 76% of those polled ‘dream job' would be at Coca-Cola, with 23% admitting it is for the ‘freebies' and 42% saying the salary is the main reason for Coca-Cola being their dream job.

Of the 48% that dream of working for Disney, 34% say it is because they believe it will have a ‘fun atmosphere' while 28% claim it has been a ‘childhood dream'.

When asked ‘do you think you will ever achieve your dream job in your dream company?' only 16% said ‘yes'.  38% admitted that it was just a ‘fantasy' and 21% feel it is ‘unachievable.'

According to the study, the majority of women would like to work abroad, with 56% saying their dream job would be out of the UK, compared to just 39% of men stating that they desire to work out of the UK.             

Managing director of HireScores Lisette Howlett said: "We all have our dream jobs and our dream companies; I wasn't shocked to see that huge international brands such as coca-cola and Microsoft topped the poll. I have a strong belief that people can achieve whatever they put their minds too, if people have a desire to work for Coke all they have to do is work hard and they should achieve their goal.

"If people are seeking out new employment, sites such as HireScores.com can be such a significant help. Taking a step into a new career can seem daunting, but the end result will be well worth it."