HR magazine roundup: The top pieces you may have missed


It's been an eventful month for HR, with many professionals facing difficult conversations and challenges daily.

HR magazine recognises while it’s vital that our readers stay informed on the latest updates on Coronavirus, sometimes escapism is what’s needed.

That’s why we’ve created a roundup of our favourite longform pieces over the past few months for you to peruse through, maybe bookmark and enjoy. Happy reading.

The need for HR expertise at start-ups

Serious money is pouring into the UK tech start-up space meaning a number of these fast-scaling young businesses will offer exciting opportunities to ambitious HR practitioners.

This is something of a shift from the situation several years ago when many start-ups saw little value in HR. But following accusations of toxic workplace culture and unfit governance at high-profile companies such as Uber and WeWork, HR’s presence is more valuable than ever.

HR's role in strategic succession planning

Nearly 1,500 CEOs of US-based companies/subsidiaries exited their posts between January and November in 2019, marking a jump of 12% on the same period the preceding year. It appears that the CEO position is more insecure than ever. With greater scrutiny on how organisations are governed and led, now is the time for HR to take a key role in strategic succession planning.

In-work poverty: All work and no pay

A shocking 60% of those in poverty in the UK are from working households, according to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Work used to be a route out of poverty yet The JRF calculates the poverty rate is the same as it was two decades ago despite the employment rate being five percentage points higher.

How did we get here and how can HR ensure no worker is financially worse off?

Shutting up shop: HR on the high street

The high street is changing as shopping habits shift amid technological advances. So how can HR ensure its future prosperity?

Last year saw 1,234 chain store closures in the first half of the year (111 more than in the first half of 2018), according to PwC and the Local Data Company. This equates to 16 stores closing every day meaning all retailers – and the HR teams within them – must urgently adapt to change.