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Gucci launches tax efficient charity giving scheme


Gucci Group has launched a scheme to allow employees to donate money to any charity of their choice through payroll.

The designer fashion company is working with Workplace Giving UK to make the process of giving to charity effortless for staff and, because of tax efficiencies, charities can receive up to 40% more in donations from staff than they would otherwise.

Executive vice president, global HR, Karen Lombardo said: "Gucci Group and our individual brands have a long history of supporting charitable organisations. We decided to launch the workplace giving scheme to encourage our employees to support their preferred charities and enable them to contribute at a personal level with the added benefit of corporate matching of their donations. We are also paying all administrative costs on behalf of the employee so they know each pound they donate goes directly to support the cause they have chosen."

She added: "CSR is an important part of Gucci Group's approach to business. All of our brands continue to support both small and large charities across many countries. The workplace giving scheme is another step in involving our employees in charitable giving efforts at an individual level."